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About Us

CyberGear, an authorized manufacturing licensee of Apple Inc., is a global leader in premium mobile device accessories. We bring together a unique blend of industrial and electronic design, precision engineering and high quality manufacturing to create products with wide appeal to today's mobile generation. Our main products are power bank, chargers cable, headphone. Our functional and fashionable designs have won broad market acceptance.

CyberGear established in 2011, it is a subsidiary of Cyberdigtal. The Design team in Mexico City, Sales and Service in Hong Kong, Factory in Shenzhen, China. As a young company. innovative brand with the key value of "Make it Different". it is purpose.

Our Ideology

We are fully dedicated to execution excellence and meeting our commitments to our customers, partners, employees and stakeholders.
CyberGear’s “think and make it differently” to provide innovative and enhanced mobile life experiences by pursuing product excellence and creating unique values for our customers and partners.
We are passionate with what we do at CyberGear and excited and energized by the opportunities to create products to delight our customers.
We are persistent in our commitment to build a healthy and sustainable business. We do this by focusing our efforts and imagination to create unique and innovative products for our customers.
Our Values
Our values are based on the ideals inherent in CyberGear. It is through living the values that we fulfill the promise of our ideal.
Team Work
Global teamwork has been the cornerstone supporting CyberGear's business growth and we value the contributions made by our employees and partners around the world.
Being good is not good enough at CyberGear. We constantly strive for perfection and flawless quality in everything we do.

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