Design Team


CyberGear Design was started with the mind of creating innovation at CyberGear Electronics ‘at just the right time with the right people’


Creating the future with today’s reality

Here at CyberGear Design(CDG) we oversee the entire gamut of the product development stage from end-to-end, strategy, user experience, design, prototyping, and engineering to create a new product or even a new product line. Also, working with experts in a diverse range of fields to read and forecast the latest trends and create new business opportunities. One of the prime objectives of the CyberGear Design(CDG) office is to open new opportunities for Our products. Bringing in exquisite hardware and software to service and lifestyle to create an ecosystem for new products to be introduced and thrive.


Product Strategy

The product strategy team takes new categories and defines concepts, develops business, collaboration and marketing research & support.


Industrial Design Team

The design and development of new products within new categories are the role of the industrial design team. They also produce mockups of newly developed products and maintain new CyberGear Design(CDG) product design specs.


UX Team

The UX team handle early concept stages to final software versions of the user experience, prototyping and UI system architecture. The primary role of the team is establishing a guideline for the user journey as well as the final design.

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